All Are Welcome Here Poster (11 x 17) (174 downloads)

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All Are Welcome Trilingual Poster - English, Arabic, Spanish (11 x 17) (61 downloads)

All Are Welcome Trilingual Flyer - English, Arabic, Spanish (8.5 x 11) (75 downloads)


We are a group of concerned Michigan citizens in south Oakland County and the Lansing area who wanted to create a way to 1) quickly identify places where all people will be treated fairly and with respect, and 2) use our economic influence to reward those businesses and organizations committed to providing the best service possible to those of all backgrounds.

We represent millions of people across the United States who reject overt and covert expressions of racism, sexism and misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia, and are ready to put our dollars where are values are.

We have worked with ArtBox Graphic Design Studio, a Michigan-based firm, to create the “All Are Welcome Here” image. We encourage you to download the poster and flyer and share it with businesses, agencies, and organizations who value our country’s diversity and inclusion of peoples. Kindly ask them to display it in their windows for everyone to see. Let’s start with those we know share these values. If you’re not sure where a business or group stands, drop a poster off or mail it with the note describing its purpose (we’ve written one for you that you can download).

This does not have to be a coordinated effort.  In fact, it might be more effective if, say, a restaurant owner received the poster from 20 different people at random times rather than have only one request made of them.

WE DISCOURAGE YOU FROM USING THIS IMAGE AS A TOOL FOR DIRECT CONFRONTATION WITH THOSE WHO MAY DISAGREE. Rather, start with those who are like-minded. Even those businesses and groups that are already open and welcoming can participate. In fact, we ask that they be in the vanguard of this effort and help lead the way as we reaffirm these values. The more places that display this image, the more we can reinforce inclusion as the prevailing norm and state our desire for a pluralistic society.